Sunday, April 13, 2014

Capitalism and society

What I don't understand in this capitalist world that the west aspires to is why, it is ok for large business or developed countries to bully.

Why is it seen in so many incidences to be successful the individual must be shortsighted, focussed seems to mean my way or no-way. Those that question are somehow weak, or to be feared. 

Why can not we concentrate on using the questioners, those that want to be different to improve business rather than allowing the self-centered cart-blanche to ride roughshod over debate.    

Where had debate gone, we here in the uk have a homogenous political elite, with politicians fearing to speak out in case they are somehow, castigated by the media. The passing of Tony Benn was a sad moment for many reasons but mainly in my view because another of the outspoken orators of the past have gone.

More to follow !    

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Royal Nurse

I really do feel very upset for the family of that poor nurse and the sheer pain she must have gone thru over the past few days.

I too think the prank was funny, yes we can all have great laugh that they were able to get away with it, and i too feel sorry for the presenters who now must feel absolutely awful.

The people I blame for all of this 100% are the royal bodyguards who obviously failed in their job to protect the royal family from this type of prank call, and secondly failed the public as well, the nurse being a member of the public.

What i can not understand is why simple instructions were not given too all staff, that a. the queen is not going to call and b. if any press, callers etc... too be put through to the bodyguard straight away, no questions asked and they will field calls. Simples as a furry animal from Russia would say

Chris J.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

BBC - schizophrenic ?

Its as if the BBC has two personalities, Auntie and her mad sister. Why do they keep referring to themselves in the third person.

If I work for an organisation then we may have a pop at different departments, but in public we stand shoulder to shoulder.

But, no not the BBC  they seem to be able to make news about their own news programmes. Newsnight investigating the BBC, sorry but are they not the BBC.

I have just watched the 10.00 news with a news story about their own show Panarama sorry if this not the advertising we used to get between programmes.

Its mad, why can we not have some proper news I for one is sick of the the BBC news reporting about its own news team. Why?

Come on BBC can we have some real journalism not made up clap trap, keep the reports on your own material to their proper place IE the programme itself or the adverts in between, if you have no  new news then have less news shows or get better journalists.  Andrew Marr has dumbed down the history of the world get him back.

If you have programme to be made on science news then try Horizon, not Panarama. If you have an investigative news story get Panarama on the case and Newsnight try discussing real news that has happened today, that way you don't make mistakes.  Stop competing with yourself BBC and  save public money in the process.

Quite simple really, stop investigating yourself or dead people its really getting boring and actually detracting from the real stories out there.

Chris J

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Witch Hunt

I have been considering the current Witch hunt that has followed the Jimmy Saville saga, now before I start this rant may I point out that I in no way condone  anything that this sick weirdo has carried out for his sexual gratification.

Lets be honest he was always weird, and just a little to creepy to be taken seriously.

So whats this rant all about, its the double standards of the witch hunt itself that I disagree with, the 1970's were a different time, racism, homophobia, in-equality between the sexes. Bill Wyman was "allegedly" shagging a 14 year old, and we all turned another cheek,  if the modern media are to be understood the entertainment industry as a whole were looking at Jimmy and Gary G. as two playful chappies who enjoyed the odd bit of kiddie fun.

This is the world that just 10 years earlier, legalised Lady Chatterly and abortions. Oh and had just about agreed it was ok for two guys to love each other.

So we find ourselves in a modern world, with the media trying to track down every incidence of indigresion from a celeb 30 plus years ago. Is this fair, now don't get me wrong its not right what these celebs did and if they are still alive then go after them, but really guys, you grubby minded low lives, dead guys can't answer back, they don't get a fair trial and don't get to put their side of the story.

If we are going to persecute dead people lets start with really bad people or even good guys in an earlier era, I hear William Wallace may have killed a few English in his day, but we caught the terrorist, and taught him and his followers a lesson or two.

Go after the bad people today, and this includes celebs alive and kicking if you must, especially if they are still at it or don't regret their former actions (like Jimmy when he was alive), but this cheap journalism battering the dead is not becoming and further degenerates your once proud profession.

You can not judge the morals and views of yesteryear with the morals and views of today.

If Jimmy is sitting up there on his hill in North Yorkshire, the sick bastard is probably laughing at the media coverage and how he got away with it, how the media missed all the signals. Every investigative journalist in the land should be castigating themselves for their utter incompetence, and if they did know, and did nothing about it, then they are complicit to his actions.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Back Again

Missed writing some of my rants - not because i want anyone to read them just as a way to get them off my chest, should anyone read my rants and agree this is a bonus as far as i'm concerned.

Anyone out there i hope that you enjoy and can make a comment


Chris Jennings

Friday, May 14, 2010

E campaign

Very interesting podcast at guardian tech weekly 11/05 on e campaigning and lost chances well worth a listen

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lib con government

I for one is happy with the arrangments yhst have lead to this coalition

Ok for years I have detested what the Tories stand for

However time for change how can we change to open constructive government without constructive open debate that's what democracy is discussion agreement and compremise however this does not mean selling out or throwing a tantrum this is the first lesson we teach children how to share even if we don't want to or like our playmates

All those out there contmplating taking their toys away should consider the future it's not going to change unless we all change, both sides need to move for compremise to be reached

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Friday, May 07, 2010

Where did the predictions go wrong?

I am not sure they did !!

At the time of writing the lib Dems are on 23% of the vote up on last time and the polsters have a 3% margin of error so that's around 26%.

Wednesday saw polls of 27% that's about spot on if you ask me.

It's to early to give any real comments but just a few thoughts of my own

The present voting system does not allow for a clegg effect

The Tories have learned how to fight our targeting system and as such counter it

People really want a change many of our mps have been in a while now

Politics needs a real shake up time to reconsider how we totally change our way of campaigning people don't read leaflets they watch facebook and web page portals and snippets of info whether on the box or Twitter

The poll I saw the other day showed a lot of support from the young and lower middle age excellent grounds for growth

We may still get a hung paliament and disapponting though it is we should revel in our position and really grab the opportunity if we are offered a chance of government swallow our pride and get on with the job

The Tories can now be seen for what they are have they really changed their spots or do they have a wolf body under those wooly coats.

Wantage is now officially a two horse race

I am paying my sub today and intend to fully reprise my membership older and wiser and with the benefit of time off to consider you may call it a time of reflection

I am sorry for those that worked hard and lost their seats many of whom have been friends for years most of all Evan I am truly upset for you all.

Alan well done in wantage

And finally I always said I will be back sorry to those who were happy to see the back of me!!

Heads held high let's take this real opportunity for change it's still there and I believe more obvious than it was on Wednesday if we use a little lateral thinking or should I say Liberal

Chris J

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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

25 years later

I have been a Lib Dem and b4 that a Liberal activist for some 25 years. This has been my first time watching from the wings in a GE as it were.

I was thinking how the world has changed, politics that long ago was not so much of a dirty word I was proud to stand up and be counted as a liberal and a social democrat even the paddy pants down jokes and in the late 80's name changes I could laugh along, I never felt that I ought to be ashamed of being a polititian I never kept my affliations to a party secret.

That was until a few years ago and you may blame it on maturity or maybe I got to close to the heart of Westminster but I got terribly disheartened with the whole process. I felt ashamed yes that is a strong word, of the antics of people with my own party as well as others, petty back stabbing, plotting behind the scenes, the appaling miss treatment of members and staff, so I made my excuses and left the party and politics as a whole.

So what has changed to make me consider a return, maybe I miss it or maybe I have be carried along with the sea of change, but politics must change not just nationally but locally the whole concept of campaigning must change and maybe it has, social media can outweigh years of entrenched old media, I have no intention of rejoining any party that has not and will not move forward. We stand today on the brink of a new era in politics, social politics, politics for the people, where normal people get a say. Stop looking back at the past mistakes that have been made accross the board, time to work together for a new future fit for the 21centuary. I for one want to take part.


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Monday, April 26, 2010

In bed

If the lib Dems could not fundermentally get into bed with the Tories this does not mean they could not if need be to form part of a government. For this would be the will of the electorate.

Fundermentally I don't beleive in private air flight though if I were rich and famous and for personal security this was needed I may have to do I something I fundermentally disagreed with. What is the difference.


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